wings4innovation facilitates translation of biomedical innovation in Austria

Call for Proposals: If you have research results supporting a clear hypothesis for an innovative therapy in indications with high unmet need, please apply.

wings4innovation and KHAN-I technology transfer fund provide a new translation and financing paradigm for innovative drug discovery proposals from Austrian academic institutes and SMEs.


Our Team

Dr. Peter Nussbaumer

Managing Director

Dr. Wolfgang Sommergruber

Translational Guide

Dr. Juliane Brümmer

Translational Guide


Call for Proposals

After a successful start with already 8 Austrian projects and one company investment in the portfolio of KHAN-I, the call is still open! Researchers from Austrian academic institutes and SMEs can apply with their ideas until the end of 2023.

If you have research results supporting a clear hypothesis for an innovative therapy in indications with high unmet need, please apply!

Who we are

wings4innovation GmbH (w4i) is a subsidiary of KHAN Technology Transfer Fund I GmbH & Co. KG (KHAN-I).

KHAN-I is financed jointly by Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws), European Investment Fund (EIF), the Max Planck Foundation and Thyssen’sche Handelsgesellschaft to support the translation of excellent basic research into drug development projects.

w4i scouts and evaluates project ideas and proposes suitable projects for KHAN-I funding. w4i is the central contact for academic/SME partners from all over Austria.


Requirements for funding

  • Findings & hypotheses that may lead to an innovative therapy (small molecules, biologics, …) in indications with high unmet medical need
  • In-depth scientific know-how at Principal Investigator (PI)
  • Preexisting IP is not a prerequisite
  • Technical feasibility, chance for commercialisation
  • Approval by the w4i Advisory Board and the KHAN-I Investment Advisory Committee
  • Close collaboration between w4i/KHAN-I and PI




25.02.2024 Positionspapier: Österreichische Universitäten für eine Weiterführung von wings4innovation/ KHAN / Position Paper: Austrian Universities for the Continuation of wings4innovation/ KHAN (German)
05.05.2023 Pressemitteilung der Uni Graz: Von der Grundlage in die Anwendung: Forschungsprojekte legen die Basis für neue pharmazeutische Wirkstoffe/ Press Release of the University of Graz: From the basis to the application: Research projects lay the basis for new active pharmaceutical ingredients (German)
01.03.2023 Chemiereport: Geschäftsmodelle in der Life Science Branche/ Chemiereport – Business Models in the Life Science industry (German)
13.04.2021 Forschungsallianz: Der Arzneimittelentwicklung Flügel verleihen/ Research Alliance – wings for drug discovery and development (German)
17.11.2020 Technology transfer fund KHAN-I and w4i conclude framework agreement with 19 Austrian research institutes (English)
Technologietransfer-Fonds KHAN-I und w4i schließen Rahmenvereinbarung mit 19 österreichischen Forschungseinrichtungen (German)
Nov 2019 Chemiereport: Frühphasenfinanzierung mit Rückflussgarantie/ Chemiereport: Early-stage financing with guaranteed return (German)
Oct 2019 LISA Vienna: Launch of KHAN-I fund (English)
13.09.2019 Chemiereport: Wings4Innovation geht an den Start/ Chemiereport: Launch of Wings4Innovation (German)
12.09.2019 Khanu: Investitionsplan für Europa – Erfolgreicher Start des Technologietransfer-Fonds „KHAN-I“/ Khanu: Successful launch of technology transfer fund KHAN-I (German)
12.09.2019 Press release: „Vom Labor zum Medikament: Neue Frühphasenfinanzierung der aws für die Arzneimittelentwicklung“ / Press release: From bench to bedside: new early-stage financing for drug discovery by aws (German)
10.09.2019 Press-release: KHAN-TT-Fund-I (English)

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